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The ACE scheme was developed to simplify the application processes for new graduates wanting to apply for their first positions within the 20 New Zealand District Health Boards (DHBs).

The ACE scheme simplifies the recruitment process for graduates by using a centralised match process which simultaneously considers the applicants work place (DHB) preference as well as the DHB’s preference of applicants.

It is beneficial for applicants as they only need to apply once to ACE for any position within the DHBs and are placed only into positions with DHBs that they have expressed their interest in joining.

It is beneficial for the DHBs as they see applications only from those graduates who have expressed interest in joining them.

After matching each applicant’s preferences against each DHB’s preference of employees, because the ACE system ensures that each successful applicant receives only 1 offer of employment, as each position in each DHB is filled, these applicants are removed from the list of available candidates, opening up positions for other applicants, simultaneously in all 20 DHBs across the country.

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